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Good quality Rubber Suspension Bushings for sales
Good quality Rubber Suspension Bushings for sales
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The product quality is excellent and the service is very comprehensive. It is a trustworthy company.I am delighted to be able to work with TEMA

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The product quality is trustworthy and the price is very competitive. This effectively helps our company to enhance its competitiveness.

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QC Profile

TEMA’s quality contral have 3 content.

一.Raw material quality contral,we insist that materials are the basis for the production of high-quality products. The raw materials selected by Tema are high-quality materials.


1. External parts and internal pipe of the strut mount is made of Q235 cold-rolled steel.

As Q235 cold-rolled carbon structure steel has sound performance in strength, plasticity and wielding, it works perfectly with the strut mount.


2. Natural rubber(NR)

Natural rubber has good strength and abrasive resistance, great elasticity under normal temperature. NR also has some degree of plasticity and excellent mechanical strength. Hysteresis loss of NR is small, small amount of heat would be produced after many times of deformation, therefore its flexing resistance is great. NR with antioxidant can be kept in good shape exposed to the sun for as long as two months, or can still be utilized after stocking three years in warehouses. Besides, NR has wonderful alkali-resistance. Being antifreezed, NR would be in good elasticity even under the temperature of 40 C degree below zero.


3. Chloroprene Rubber(CR)

CR is oil proof, heat proof, fire resistant, anti-exposure, antioxidant, acid-and-alkali proof and anti corrosion. On the other hand, CR has great tensile strength, elongation, reversible crystallinity and cohesiveness. These features make CR a perfect choice for boot manufacturing.


4. Bolt

Bolt is made of #45 steel with hardening and tempering, reaching the torsion of 80N/m. The surface of the bolt is coated with Dacromet or eco color Zinc.


5. Ball Pin

Being made of 40Cr, the ball pin performs with great hardness, abrasive resistance and certain degree of magnetism. With high frequency quenching, the ball pin will have even better abrasive resistance and life span.


6. Friction Bearing

Friction bearing is made of bearing steel. Strict standards of size and position precision are executed on axle and seats, guaranteeing secure and high speed rotation.


7. Surface Process

The surface is coated with gentle black matt paint. Thin and even, the paint is heat proof, water proof and acid and alkali resistant. The elegant paint even brings a better touch feel.


8. Seamless Steel

Seamless steel is light and smooth in surface. It has a great performance in anti-bending and distortion resistance. The seamless steel is a kind of economical cross section steel



which brings simplified working process, saving raw material and labor hour.


9. Processing the Ball Joint Links Surface

We have two methods in processing the surface of ball joint links, electrophoresis and phosphating blacking. The paint film of electrophoresis is vivid, even, smooth, hard, cohesive, anti-corrosion, high in impact and good in permeability. While phosphating blacking will let the metal be phosphated with a corrosion resistant film on the surface at first. Then, the surface of the metal will go black with an oxidation film, making it air resistant and rust proof, thus abrasive resistance of the metal is improved.



二.Control of production links


Serious control of production link,It can effectively guarantee the qualified rate of products, so that our customers can purchase our products without worry.


1. Semi-finished inspection


2. First inspection(The first product’s inspection)


3. Patrol Inspection (sampling inspection at any time during production)


4. Package sampling inspection(products package sampling inspection when packaging.)



三.Inspection equipment

Complete inspection equipment to promise we can provide high quality products.

Salt spray tester

Main inspection items

1. Electroplated coating corrosion resistance test

2. Paint corrosion resistance usage


Universal Material Tester

Purpose:strength test

Main test items:

1. Welding strength test

2. Material strength test


High and low Temperature Test Chamber

Purpose:Low and high temperature test


Main test items:


1. Low and high temperature test for raw materials


2. Test of product characteristics under low and high temperature


Dynamometer Machine

Purpose:indicating test

Main test items:

Indicator diagram for samples


Double Acting Durability Test Bed


Main test items:

1. Electroplated coating corrosion resistance test

2. Paint corrosion resistance usage


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